Segregation free vertical transfer

1  IBC CONTAINER /DRUMS  Discharge without segregation
IBC container -discharge without segregation with the anti-segregation MRC cone valve. When using butterfly valves in IBC bulk containers, core flow often occurs. This leads to a segregation of a powder mix. Powder in the middle and above the butterfly valve empties first and then the material follows on the funnel. By inserting an adjustable cone into the flange at the outlet of the container hopper, the product flow above the shut-off valve is divided and pushed outwards. This creates a mass flow in the ring gap so that the material empties evenly without segregation.
discharge of powder without segregation


Anti Segregation cone for drums

discharge of powder without segregation

pic:   anti segragation cone for standard IBC container with butterfly valve (flange or TC connection)

2  IBC CONTAINER /DRUMS: Segregation free filling inliner

segregation free filling of IBC

First, a PE inliner adapted to the IBC is connected to an airtight special manhole lid. The inliner is then inserted through the manhole into the container and the manhole lid will be closed. A venturi nozzle is used to ventilate/vent the tank, widening the still folded PE inliner. This controlled expansion occurs first in the middle and from top to bottom. This allows a powder column slowly moving to the bottom of the tank. Due to the pressure of the flowing medium and targeted ventilation, the inliner unfolds from the inside out and thus generates the desired mass flow without segregation.


  • Suitable PE Inliner for all kind of powder  IBC
  • segregation free transfer of mixed powder
  • safe and smooth filling of tablets, pills etc.
  • special manhole filling lid DN400/457/500 with pressure/vent venturi-valve system
  • inliner dimensions are customized and available for any container volume and size




3   TABLET PRESS or PACKING MACHINE:  Segregation free filling

This DT system was developed for a segregation free transfer of mixed powders by gravity. It prevents segregation effects of powder specially when being transfered into a tablet press or into a packaging line by free falling through a tube. The use of our segregation free system will considerably reduce your production waste. This higher output per batch lead to a growing economic efficiency and a better product quality.





The technology is comparable to „pneumatic pigging“ with no internal tubing. The system (designed according to GMP rules) is driven by controlled pneumatic air. Additionally the system guarantees a smooth and safe transfer of sensitive products (i.e. tablets, chips, pills etc.). The staggered position between outlet of mixer, docking station or other installations and inlet of packaging machines is adjustable up to drop angle of nearly 60°.

To assure a good cleanability we avoid wearing parts such as “sleeves” or “inliner” to replace. Also there is no risk of contamination by damaged PE inliner as at conventional lined pipe systems. Additionally it is easy to adapt at existing installations in your production. The segregation effect can happen even at low falling hights. Therefore our installation length start at 0,5 m and reaches up to 6 m.

Summarizing the main advantages:

• GMP Design: no “sleeves” or “bags” to replace
• Completely contained system
• operating at various angles
• external WIP or CIP link to the blender or docking station on top


The positioning of the pneumatic filler head (plunger) in “pick up position” of powder is effected by means of pneumatic air. After reaching its top position the hand over of product can be made. The set up of the  suitable “rate of descent” for each medium is individually adjustable and avoids any segregation effect initiated by gravity. Reaching the outlet point (at bottom position) the integrated pinch valve opens slowly and release product flow.

The inner surfaces of the down pipe are “honed” to “mirror” finish so that “Scraper” seals assure an always clean transport tube proved by a swap test. The plunger head has an integrated “Pinch Valve” for powder loading and discharge, driven by compressed air with no external power supply connections.