Drum handling systems

Drum handling for safe and easy operating

Robust design for drum handling of any drum size and as option with integrated weighing system.

Our drum lifters handle your drums safely. Lifting, inverting and swiveling system lifters operate with electric or electro hydraulic motors on low noise level and with ergonomic design.

For all types of drums we offer drum lifters with suitable pick up systems. The stiff and stable mast offers the operator a safe vue to load the drum. You can manage all handling operations such as filling of container, loading in a drum blender. The lifting operation is driven by electric motor, all operations such as clamping, inverting or swiveling are either manually actuated or by electric motors.

Grab-design manual-hydraulic drum handling: clamping odf drum effected manual by means of a locking ring. Lift is hydraulic actuated and vertical positioning by gravity designed  for 200 l drums.

Grab design fully-hydraulic: clamping lifting and erecting of drum by different lever: designed for a 200 l standard drum to load f.e. drum tumble blender.

Optional:  Ex-protection of all class  – pneumatic or electrical acuated

drum lifter type FHW 200-16/E – lifting height 1.580 mm – with Palett adapter for drum fixing
truck electrical actuated or manual driven

Filling of container by drum lifter

clamping hopper unit with actuated butterfly valve, vertical lift with inflatable seal for dustfree transfer of the powder. Roller conveyor for drum transport to hopper clamp unit. Operator panel with following function:

– hydraulic clamp of drum
– inflatable seal for dust tight docking
– lift and tilt of drum to manhole adapter of container
– hoper with pneumatical butterfly valve for filling of container by DN 400 manhole filling adapter
– option: rotating platform for 180° swiveling

Drum lifting/swiveling/discharge: