IBC Discharge station

Dust free powder handling

We have many years of experience in bulk material handling. Few companies developped such innovative ideas and advancements in container discharge station setting new standards in contained handling of powders.Various raw materials with different characteristics have been automated successfully in our individually designed container systems. No matter whether bulk materials have a tendency to core flow, segregate or bridge – we will sort out the optimized solution, even for heavy flowing products.

dispensing station for powder container
discharge stations for IBC container, Big Bags, FIBC
powder handling discharge station

Our container filling/discharge systems range from standard economy model to high-end designs to meet the highest demands in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry up to containment level of OEB5. We offer dust free manual or automized discharge stations for any kind of packaging with different armatures such as butterfly valve or cone valve for:

High Containment Batch Dosing

Mini Batch Dosing Installation

  • automized batch dosing up to 25 kg
  • PLC controlled with recipe management
  • dosing tolerance: up to +/- 1 g
  • container sizes 0,5 L -15 L
  • OEB 5 containment
  • GMP design
  • suitable for mixing in laboratory blender
  • dosing up to 120 components per h


discharge of powder IBC
cone valve discharge station

Positioning container:
After placement of the IBC onto the roller conveyer by pallet truck the container is being transfered manually or automatic onto the discharge station with active cone valve and docking unit.

Design and material are adapted to onsite requirements, sealed by static gaskets or dynamic inflated gaskets out of Silicone, NBR or EPDM. The loading of the station could be effected by pallet-/forklift truck or crane.


  • Batch dosing
  • Suitable for all kind of powder container
  • Vibration frame for improved discharge
  • adapted platforms for ergonomic operating
  • dust extraction units with filter and pneumatic cleaning
  • Level senors
  • WIP cleaning
  • Mobile, transportable frames with locking wheels
  • ATEX design acc. 2014/34/EU / IECEx
  • FDA / food conformity EG 1935/2004
  • material: mild- /galvanized- /stainless steel

Big Bag Discharge Station

contained discharge of Big Bag

OEB 3 Containment discharge with mountable cone valve

cone valve assembly













Automated discharge stations with PLC control unit:
discharge station control box
  • Operator panel with LCD Touchscreen
  • PLC Hardware type Siemens or Allen Bradley
  • control box IP 55-67, mild steel painted or stainless steel
  • Hardware interface to ERP: Ethernet/Profibus
  • option: scale with Batch Dosing and recipe management
plc controlled batch process
Dosing system with batch management system