Containment Valve as IBC retrofit

This type of cone valve is a multiple version of a containment valve suitable to retrofit at manhole of any standard powder packaging such as:
  • IBC container (stainless steel/ plastic)
  • Octabins
  • Big-Bags (FIBC)
  • steel / fibre drums
It allows after a retrofit a fully automatic and contained filling and discharge of used standard powder container (IBC) thanks to the universal passive cone valve SV250R which fits in any standard IBC manhole DN400/457/500 or Big-Bag/Octabin inliner spout DN 350/ 400 or at standard outlet flanges DN250 for butterfly valves. After the assembly of the SV250R a contained filling and discharge up to OEB 3-4, according to SMEPAC  is acheiveable.
cone valve for retrofit standard drum, IBCIBC cone valve as retrofit version
flange or clamp IBC cone valveIt is suitable for discharge of heavy flowing powders. The pulsing cone valve breaks bridges and fluidistation avoids rat holing effect. The smart cone design enable segregation free flow of the powder. Highly active ingredients like API’s, Food Additives, Enzymes, Pigments etc. within all mayor process industries. The SVP 250R valve is as well a very accurate dosing device (accuracy 0,1% of batch weight).

Discharge and Filling station with active containment valve SVA 250R:

The active valve discharge station SVA250R is operating the passive valves SVP 250R and enables dust free powder transfer. Several executions and materials cover all the needs from the market. The polymer injected cone is available in 3 executions, FDA, anti-static (with food certificate) and conductive.

Containment valve: dustfree powder transfer:

Our Containment Valve System SV250 R enables an automized, contained fillig and discharge of powders with any existing packaging such as container, big bags (FIBC) or drums. It avoids segregation effects in combination with our anti segregation equipment.

Functions of the Active valve SVA 250 R valve:

  • mechanic locking/docking:
    Pneumatically driven locking mechanism with 12 bolts for fixing Passive-Valve SVP 250 R
  • sealed valve:
    inflatable seal for safe cone valve clamping and dust tight sealing
  • safe discharge:
    Pneumatically actuated telescopic cylinder for valve pulsing in heavy flowing product (bridgeing/compacting rat holing),  option: fluidisation ring integrated in docking flange
  • easy clean GMP:
    WIP cleaning unit for Active Valve available: Cleaning Head with ring pipe and spray balls for cip cleaning of active valve SVA 250 R
cone valve for contained filling
Filler head with active valve
Cleaning head for active valve