PE Inliner Systems

Customized bags and PE inliner with fitting/valves

For safe and economic stock of liquids or powders we offer special designed PE Inliner or PE bags to suit onsite packaging such as container, drums, vessels, bottles etc. Individual valves and nozzles for filling and discharge are
also available.

  • PE Inliner also in smaller quantities available
  • tailormade dimensions for volumes of 0,5 L to 1.000 Liter
  • filling/discharge: various valves and fittings up to DN 100 available
  • foil material LD-PE up to 200 μm thickness

PE Inliner for tanks: container, drums, mixing vessels etc.

Suitable for liquid and pasty products or bulk goods in tanks such as container (IBC), mixing vessels, drums etc. With the contamination by sticky or pasty medium expensive efforts for cleaning rise up considerably. To avoid the cleaning of the tank we design special inliners for container, drums vessels etc. They are liquid-proof and thus suitable for many applications, including valves and nozzles for filling/discharge such as nozzles, butterfly valves, ball valves etc.


Option: all valves and nozzles of the inliner in tamper proof design for confirmation of freshness of your medium





Standard drum as Bioreactor with single use Inliner system
Inliner for mixing vessels


The sizes of inliner bags are individually adapted to each tank and available in sizes from 0,5 L up to 1500 L. Filling/ emptying nozzle on top allowing proper filling and safe discharge. The circumferential liner is fixed at neck ring of IBC manhole or lid of drum. The basic material of the inliner are LD-PE foils, compound foils, thermo formed outlets etc.



Formed Inliner /– thermo formed blow-molded, shaped bottom liner

This PE liner is made from polyethylene in a blow-molded/thermo formed extrusion process. Heated and shaped inliner outlet tools are formed acc. to your tank bottom line so that the inliner fits without pockets or folding effects. The Formed Inliner is designed vacuum pumps discharge or and mixing operation.

 Your benefits:

  • Customized formed inliners are perfectly shaped to outlet bottom of the container to avoid wrinkling or formation of pockets
  • emptying by vacuum pumps: no residues
  • reduced cost: inliners turn your one way into a multi way packaging
  • reduced cleaning cost: Formed Inliners avoid contamination of drum/container
  • useable in reconditioned drums/container

Special sized Big-Bags (FIBC):


  • Individual manufacturing of all round or square shaped big bags with volumes from 10 to 1,000 liters
  • option: PE Inliner customized design, no wrinkling or formation of pockets by using thermo forming tools
  • special filling/discharge armatures avoid dust exposure or odor release
  • upon request: sterilized (PE Inliner e-beamed/X-rayed) available material FDA/EG1935/2004