Container Blender / Laboratory blender

Different container blender mixing systems for a homogenous mix

2D Container mixing principle:

A container blender creates the mixing effect by a two-dimensional motion field of powder particles while rotating the blending container around its horizontal axis.  Mixing container/drums are available in sizes from 5 to 4,000 litres with a max. batch weight of 5 to. The loading of the mixing container by pallet-/or forklift truck is standard. Upon request we offer also an automatized loading process by crane-, roller conveyer- or shuttle systems.




 Advantages tumble blending against ribbon blender:

  • adapted design of the mixing container /drum depending on filling medium
  • cost-effective: no cleaning neccessary means no loss of mixing capacity
  • no cross contamination: individual container/drum for raw materials
  • we offer special armatures to avoid segregation when filling or dicharge the batch container
  • Gentle mix for sensitive powders 

Application advantagesApplication advantages

Mixing parameters:

  • stepless speed rotation 5-17 rev/min
  • rotation clockwise/unclockwise
  • data base for different mixing recipes
  • upon request: variable mixing container for different
    batch sizes


container blender: 3D mixing principle:

The  3D.S mixer is a free-fall mixer with two rotation axes and separate motor power. Thanks to these 3D space motion dynamics the blending time is shorter and you get a more homogenous mix. A continiously changing 3-dimensional crossing and rolling movement of the powder avoid dead zones and regular flow fields in the mixing container. This effect guarantees a perfect mixing result.

3D drum Mixer / drum blender examples:

Drum blender
Double drum blender
Application advantages
special drum blender 50 kg







Laboratory Blender


– 2D/3D Mixing princible
– batch sizes up to 30 kg
– multiple clamp system for batch container
– OP terminal with recepie management





Individual Extras:
Injection of fluids
Nitrogene purge of medium






container blender with ribbon mix unit








Option: Turbo Mixer unit for crushing lumps