PE Inliner system “TPL” for plastic IBC

MRC Solution will launch its new and patented PE inliner system “TPL” (Trans Pipe Lining) for all standard plastic IBC from April 2021. This system offers the following advantages compared to conventional inline systems:

  • assembly of the inliner into IBC within one minute
  • suitable for all common plastic IBC Container Type Schuetz, Mauser etc.
  • complete emptying (depending on medium up to 99%)
  • safe handling: Bag formation or pockets and strain load due to incorrect installation of the inliner are excluded
  • favourable PE Inliner price: Cost for cleaning the IBC are significantly higher
  • optional: antistatic or food-safe FDA EG1935/2004 certified foils available


The TPL system consists of filling pipe, folded PE inliner and suction shoe. For installation, we simply plugged the TPL system through the filling opening of the IBC and fixed it via a suction cup by pushing it to the center of the tank bottom.

In contrast to conventional systems, the “TPL” system makes it absolutely reliable and fast to install the PE inliner in such a way that the PE inliner can fully unfold during filling and no cavities can form between inliner and tank wall. In this way, we not only avoid an inadmissible tensile stress on the foil, but also a pocket formation, which also leads to a reduced filling volume. The simple and split in seconds enables an extremely economical way of working.

When the inliner is pulled out during removal, product residues gather at the suction shoe  and can be extracted before the final removal. Depending on the medium, this ensures almost 100% emptying. The assembly and filling pipe can be disposed of separately or recycled.

The “TPL” system is available in several variants depending on the kind of emptying of the IBC

  • a) closed bottom, emptying via filling lid by submersible tube Pumpe
  • b) from below: gravity /pump: hose with rubber protective sleeve is pulled through the IBC tank outlet with the help of a cordel (red) before installation and pulled afterwards over the thread of the outlet fitting
  • for certain stainless steel IBC with eccentric outlet


  • Sterilization (irradiation gamma or E-beam), product-contacting parts with FDA / EG1935/2004 certificate. The inliners are sterilization-validated and can also be delivered in sterile, aseptic or aspetic versions double packed. The procedures are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485.
  • antistatic: LD-PE film with permanent antistatic for ATEX applications
  • Reusable IBC, without intermediate cleaning or replacement of the container between transports
  • The containers can be provided with an inliner in seconds before the installation. Thanks to an integrated filling/suction nozzle with suction foot, the inliner is firmly attached to the PE bubble and does not change its position during filling or emptying
  • Provision of the “ready-to-fill” IBC in the customer’s factory with immediate fillability
  • No process change: neither during filling nor during emptying at the final receivers
  • The built-in inliner in the IBC is not visible to the final receiver After picking up the empty container from the receiver, the inliner is replaced and the valve is expertly cleaned
  • When the units are received in the depot, they are technically checked and parts are replaced if necessary (damage/wear)

further advantages of the TPL / PE Inliner system

  • Cost advantage:- approx. 20% compared to the use of reconditioned PE-IBC- approx. 10% compared to the use of stainless steel IBC
  • Additional barrier safety, diffusion barrier
  • better CO2 balance compared to cleaning stainless steel containers or replacing the PE bubble (approx. 1 kg inliner vs. 22 kg bubble of the IBC)
  • Gege 10,000 standard IBC results in a CO2 saving of approx. 450 t CO2 when using inliners
  • No residues of detergents and odours
  • Double safety against leaks/leaks
  • Reducing water consumption