Armatures / Gaskets / Lids for IBC container

Smart technology for manholes/ special discharge valves

Our gaskets, manhole lids, lockings and discharge armatures are suitable for a IBC container for a contained transport and stock of powders or liquids as retrofit at standard manhole lids of container, drums, tanks etc. Robust, hinged and self locking rings enable a evenly distributed downforce for an improved sealing effect. The gaskets and locking rings are adapted to the different neck ring diameter of drums and container.

discharge valves and manhole lid seal DN400-DN700

application: tumble blending/mixing of container /food container

  • homogenous mix: no dead mixing zones while tumble blending
  • cip cleaning: lid without seal seat (GMP)
  • more tightness: hinged locking ring: more and evenly distributed pressing of gaskets
  • different gasket material: Silicon, NBR, EPDM, PTFE with FDA /EG 1935/2004 certificates
  • more safety: self locking system for a better safety in mixing process , no risk of squeezing/crushing for operators


Tablet Valves

Application: retrofit valve for stainless steel IBC or FIBC container

The tablet valve is designed for a safe handling of tablets and capsules. Its valve body made of POM is not product wetted. An easily replacable single use LD-PE Inliner avoids cleaning of the valve body. The valve fits on any stainless steel IBC / FIBC. The hand lever for valve opening is provided with safety locking system.

retrofit tablet valves for pharma or food tablets
  • smooth and gentle discharge of tablets, pills, capsules etc.
  • sizes DN200 / 8″ or DN370 / 14″
  • customized TC clamp connection DIN/ISO bewteen tank and valve body
  • no special cleaning neccessary: single-use LD-PE hose inliner, clamped and easy assembled
  • option: sterile version with FDA / USP certification
  • non product wetted parts at valve body
  • outlet with dust lid with bajonet locking or gas tight TC blind lid for contamination free handling
  • set up of different loop valve diameter for controlled discharge

tablet valve


Discharge Station for container dust free handling of powders

application: discharge of standard IBC


  • various outlet diameter for container outlet valves available
  • loading of container by pallet truck
  • dustfree sealing of outlet valve by inflated seal (NBR/EPDM)
  • hygienic design acc to FDA /EG 1935 2004 standards
stainless steel cone valve
cone valve DN250

Containment slider valve EZI for PE Liner

application: contained filling of hazardous or sensible medium (tablets, pills etc.)
  • TC Clamp connection DIN/ISO/BS, diameter DN 80- DN150
  • material: housing PP/POM/PE, gasket: Silicone with FDA/EU1935 certificate
  • Active slider valve EZI: manual operated with saftey clamp or combined with our tablet valve
  • tailor made PE Bags/Inliners in different design available