Stainless steel parts

Design and production of stainless steel components such as containers, frames, fittings, sheet metal constructions, etc.

We have an extensive network of suppliers to offer design and welding of stainless steel parts or the supply of complete components (or more complex assemblies of containers).

The manufacturing process is carried out by certified suppliers (DIN ISO 9002/ISO 3834). Optionally, this also includes the production-ready 3DCAD design of requested components. Upon request, processed surfaces can be grinded or electrical polished in a pharmaceutical-grade manner (GMP).

Sheet metal parts

– Sheet thickness 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm
– Materials:  mild steel / stainless steel AISI304/316L
– bending /rounding of sheet metal parts- Lengths 2 m / 4 m

Welding of assemblies

– certified TIG/MIG welding process according to DIN EN ISO 3834
– Materials: steel / stainless steel- sheet thickness 0.5 mm to 10.0 mm

Grinding / Surface Treatment

  • Grinding sheet metal blanks
  • Grinding weld seams flat sheet metal
  • Glass beads blasting
  • Pickling and passivation
  • Electropolishing
  • Mechanical polishing

Optional testing of components:

Dye Penetrant Testing

Dye penetrant (PT) testing removes grease and oil residues from the surface of the component to be tested and then applies a penetrant. The penetration capacity of the penetrant is high, uses the capillary action of the finest material separations and has a strong color contrast to the developer.

Roughness Depth Measurement

Ground sheet metal usually has a roughness between 0.8 and 1.2 Ra. Often, a roughness of better than 0.8 to 0.2 is required. We offer appropriate grinding options and measurement protocols.